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History of Coffee
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There are so many stories spread in the world on how coffee becomes so famous like what we know today. And there is this famous legend, which many believed that coffee was first found in Ethiopia by Ethiopian goat herder, who noticed that his goats were eating some berries. Curiosity made him eat the same berries. He was energized and pleased with the effects the cherries had on him. He spread the words throughout the region and the rest is history.

The African tribe

Coffee comes to Asia around 17th century when the Dutch growing coffee in India. They took some to Batavia in Java Indonesia, then within a few years the Dutch colonies were the main suppliers of coffee consume in Europe. Indonesia now is the 4th largest exporter of coffee in the world.

‘Coffee’ Etymology

The word ‘Coffee’ derives from Turkish word: Kahve. The Turkish word in turn was borrowed from the Arabic: Qahwah, which means strength. It becomes Koffie in Dutch, Coffee in English, and Kopi in Indonesian.
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