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How to make
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A cup of power boost Espresso
You need: Flores Coffee type Premium
1. Preheat your espresso machine and cup
2. Fill the port filter with ground coffee
3. Tamp the coffee with appropriate amount of pressure
4. Extract the espresso coffee
5. Enjoy the espresso in the first 25 seconds
A cup of delicious Cappuccino
You need: Flores Coffee type Supreme, Fresh Milk, Sugar (optional)
1. Prepare your espresso first
2. Froth the fresh milk
3. Pour your shot
4. Pour the steamed milk
5. Scoop the remaining froth
6. Sip, drink, and enjoy
Remember, pouring shot is an art form ;)
A cup of refreshing Ice Latte
You need: Flores Coffee type Vanilla, Fresh Milk, Ice Cubes, Whipped Cream and Sugar (optional)
1. Prepare your espresso
2. Put the ice cubes in the glass
3. Pour your perfect shot into the glass
4. Texture your milk
5. Regulate the flow of the foam
6. Add whipped cream for richer taste
7. Enjoy it in the heat of the day
And of course, a cup of the famous Indonesian Kopi Tubruk
You need: Flores Coffee type Robusta, and sugar (optional)
1. Pour one shot of coffee powder into a cup
2. Add boiling water
3. Let the full cup remain for about three minutes then stir it
4. Voila! Enjoy :)
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